Hi, I’m Stacy, proud mama and photographer. I am obsessed with textures, colors, feelings, memories, and the breezy month of September.

As a native East Coaster, my heart led me all the way to the hazy, sun-soaked Pacific Ocean. Twelve years later, I’m still here, living my dream in San Diego with my hubby Ryan, our bebe girl Bryn, and our loving furbaby, a rescue named Obi.

I believe in traveling as much as possible, but always love coming home to this coastal piece of perfection. The world stops when my toes touch that warm, sparkling sand and my heart still skips a beat at the beautiful sound of waves crashing.

I also believe in the power of self care, keeping chill time with my loves a priority, and finding inspiration in the everyday.

And there’s NOTHING a homemade avocado face mask can’t fix.

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