March 14, 2013

meg biram


Keeping my theme of expansion consistent this week, let’s talk about Meg Biram. As a lifestyle blogger, media consultant, and abstract artist, she is the perfect example of a creative jack-of-all-trades. Even more recently, Meg’s somehow found the time to launch a new t-shirt line, Manifesto. This noteworthy design professional obviously works best under pressure.

I love Meg’s down-to-earth take on GSD (get shit done) and apparently we share an appreciation for gray/tan combos. With a naturally cool yet approachable style, I look to Meg for entrepreneurial inspiration. Hopefully, she has plans to speak at future west coast conferences (preferably Alt Summit SF!). Otherwise, I’m definitely interested in attending a few of her workshops, offered in select cities all over the US.

Keep up with Meg’s many talents on her blog, The Edit!

March 12, 2013



I wouldn’t call myself a follower of fashion. Definitely not one to worship the latest trends. But I do however, LOVE delving into personal style. It screams who we are and how we’re feeling that day. Because I’m not super girly, I like to think I’ve created my own look, pairing classic cuts with cozy casual. It may not be sought after, but it’s me and I know what I like. Flattering to my shape and above all, comfortable! Comfy doesn’t have to be frumpy if you know what to accentuate. Make it work.

While the runway may not be my fashion guide, I still can’t get enough of the overall styling process. Why the designer chose that look, how that hair or make-up emphasizes their work. The models’ crazy waif-like physiques, the natural beauty, exotic and unconventional. Effortless and intriguing.

With all that style inspiration, I’d like to introduce another new column to The Lacquerie called STEEZE, sharing any wearables or looks that inspire my style. Featured picks could be a new obsession…or maybe they’re already a prized possession, loved for years, now reduced to a thread. We’ll see!

March 11, 2013



The boundaries of this online space have always been a little fuzzy to me, but I’m learning that design is not only the main focus or the common thread, it’s everything. All of my decisions are influenced by what inspires me. I am an artist and my blog should represent this. So instead of weeding out ideas that may or may not be my area of expertise, I’ve decided to expand.

With that said, please welcome a new column to The Lacquerie, simply called SPACE. Here, I will be sharing places of envy and decor desires. Anywhere from lofts to offices, rugs to sheets, doors to decks – everything including the kitchen sink. I may not be an interior designer on paper, but I can definitely appreciate a room styled with intention.

For a breath of fresh air, Apartment Therapy and Design Milk were always my go-to, but lately it’s been the smaller, newer interior design blogs that keep me coming back for more. Lacquer & Linen and Decordots, to name a few. Clean layouts, original content, and real personality create their boutique-style presence. They’ve inspired my sense of Feng Shui and we’ll see where it takes us next week…

March 7, 2013

alexandra sheldon


About a month ago, I noticed a ‘like’ notification from Alexandra Sheldon on Instagram. Normally, I don’t click on every single liker, but for some reason I was curious about this one. When I landed on Alexandra’s website, I was happily surprised to find her beautiful portfolio of collage work; a gallery of conversation between layered textures and shapes.

Reading on, I found that she teaches collage workshops from her studio in Cambridge, MA. Since I was heading that way the following week, I emailed Alexandra, hoping to catch one of her classes. In response, she kindly invited me to her studio for a few hours, which turned out to be a private session.


As soon as I walked in, I knew I never wanted to leave that studio. A huge worktable centered in a concrete rectangle and from floor to ceiling, shelves were stocked with all kinds of paper and paint. The walls were decorated with her work and Thievery played softly from hidden speakers. It was like a dream come true.

We jumped right into collage theory and ideas around composition. She walked me through her typical process, beginning with an interesting base as opposed to a stark white canvas. Her fluid techniques were the perfect motivation for me to start working more abstractly. Chatting about art all afternoon, I lost track of time completely. It was so nice connecting with Alexandra as she welcomed me into her amazing workspace. I left clear-headed and inspired, wishing we weren’t 3,000 miles apart.

March 6, 2013

collage : in limbo


I am consistently inconsistent, normally strange, cheerfully morbid, ingeniously smart, quietly loud, harmlessly dangerous, seriously joking, deeply shallow, simply confusing, spastically calm, call me crazy…

The Lacquerie is like a viewfinder, peering into my convoluted process. Free association in the form of run-on sentences. Scattered thoughts translated into 250 words or less. I’ve been using this blog to flesh out ideas, see them as a whole and watch as they evolve. It gives me structure while in limbo and keeps me connected with other like-minded art lovers.

When this project was born, I vaguely named it “a casual documentation of my creative process” because I wasn’t sure of what it would become… And I still couldn’t tell you today. It’s an ongoing search, a continuous work in progress. But instead of worrying about minute details like direction, I’m focused on just enjoying the ride. Free of limits with room to grow.

I originally set out to create something more visual and NEVER expected to be writing so much! But this whole concept of finding my voice has been interesting for me. Defining and revealing through pure experimentation. Trial and error. Slowly stepping away from my comfort zone. Needless to say, I surprise myself here every day.

So great, I inspire myself… But The Lacquerie was meant to inspire others, too.  I really love hearing from you guys, so please let me know what you’re thinking! Is there anything you’d like to see more (or less of)? Maybe a style or music column??

March 5, 2013

beads of la jolla


When I lived in Birdrock a few years back, I fell in love with this little shop, Beads of La Jolla. It’s nestled in a perfect location where their welcoming double doors are always swung open. I remember it’s shimmery brilliance luring me in like a magnet as I first walked by. The stunning (and perfectly organized) colors on all four walls hugged me into this charming space. Rows and shelves of semi-precious and vintage. Stone and glass, porcelain and shell. Sterling silver and gold findings, chains and every other tool imaginable.

But the best part in my opinion, is their open work station. After choosing materials, you’re free to make your jewelry right then and there. The shop owner, Angela is super sweet, always making herself available to answer your questions and/or assist with indecisiveness.


I found myself in the shop just before birthdays, making custom gifts for all the lovely ladies in my life. Setting aside and hour or two, I’d get lost in there and somehow leave with a uniquely finished piece. Once I had the basic techniques down, I couldn’t stop myself – yet another creative outlet consuming me. I’ve since graduated to working on my own at home, but will always be a regular at the shop. Check out my latest batch on Etsy!


Even if jewelry isn’t your thing, this store is amazing to see in person. Visit Beads of La Jolla at 5645 La Jolla Blvd. next time you’re in town. Angela also teaches a few classes and hosts private parties here, if you’re interested ;)