December 13, 2012

jennifer davis


Jennifer Davis. A painter from Minneapolis with an original style so unique, it really makes you wonder, “what was going through her head when she painted this?” I would imagine something offbeat, interesting, lovable…

All in fantastic color! From blissful pastels to rich and bold on black, Jennifer plays with details, portraits, stripes, animals, space…everything I love.

Over the past 10 years, her experimental body of work has graced the walls of many galleries nationwide. Beginning with collage, Jennifer slowly shifted towards paint, creating a gradual evolution in her overall technique. Growing in concept and expanding in scale, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


Float into her imagination at *All images used in my collages above are the work of Jennifer Davis.

December 7, 2012

the selby

Todd Selby created the coolest job. He travels around the world photographing creatives in their home or work space, then shares his gorgeous shots for all to enjoy on The Selby. Lucky for us, voyeurism is not only acceptable here, but encouraged – permitting us to shamelessly gawk from the one sided window of our computer screens.

Selby breathes life into the saying, “if these walls could talk” by literally giving them a voice. He invites us in for a close-up, detailed tour that tastefully reveals a personal side of the artist; what they come home to, the first thing they see when they wake up. He can tell a story that will inspire anyone to live a more creative life.

I stumbled upon this lovely world in the summer of 2010, just as Selby’s first book came out, The Selby is In Your Place. Only 2 years prior, his website consisted of home and lifestyle photos of friends until the concept exploded. Almost immediately, requests to be featured came in left and right, resulting in his booming success today. Working with NY Times among other international brands, Selby recently released his second published book, Edible Selby, which has a stronger focus on intriguing people and food. Everything he does is great, check him out!

*All photographs in my collage above are the work of Todd Selby. I chose a few of my faves from a very cool couple in LA.

December 5, 2012

collage : send it old school

This time of year reminds us of how nice it feels to receive something via snail mail. Who doesn’t like coming home to a package waiting? Although most communication is done online these days, it lacks authenticity; that personal touch that leaves a lasting impression. In maintaining the integrity of handwritten or hot off the press paper goods, I try to keep stationery alive in my work.

Now, I’m just assuming that my infatuation with holiday cards goes without saying……   This year, I tried cutting up Trader Joe’s brown paper bags, using them to cover ugly, store bought greeting cards that I found on clearance. I worked in collage of course, playing up a mix of traditional and abstract. Classic red and green paired with black and white – you can’t go wrong. And to be on the more festive side, I’ll use metallic ink when addressing them.

Let me know which one you like :)

December 3, 2012

hello december

As December floated in over the weekend, it crossed my mind that we are now officially supposed to be in the holiday spirit. I know this time of year can be stressful, exhausting, CRAZY but there’s still a small part of me that loves all the insanity. Maybe it’s because my birthday is coming up (which of course, is an excuse for a month-long celebration), or maybe it really is the just the simple idea of giving gifts, getting together with friends and family, and enjoying a little time off before the new year.

It’s cheesy, but I feel like something changes in the air; a subtle but constant buzz. It’s the built up anticipation, the element of surprise. Pine needles. Peppermint. Pretty white lights…The remnants of magic from when Santa was still real.

But between squeezing every tiny detail into our already packed schedules and making elaborate plans weeks in advance, I think we can all relate to the overdramatic festivities in December – and laugh about it later.

My photo of the green Bomber above inspired me to create a few homemade holiday cards, which I’ll be sharing later this week. The obvious red and green may be one of my favorite complimentary combos, of course paired with the bright white representing fresh snowfall. But this year, I wanted to warm up this wintery palette with a modest gold. So happy holidays from California, hope you’re ready!

November 28, 2012



I decided to move to San Diego, before I had even visited. I knew this place would be hard not to love. Born a California dreamer, I’ve always been drawn to the west coast. Imagining the clichéd endless summers, sand between my toes, palm trees in the sunset, yeah, yeah, yeah…and I was so right.

In August 2004, I packed up my mom and sister to check out sunny SD with me. I used school (AISD) as my excuse, but deep down I think everyone knew that I just wanted a piece of that SoCal life. The first day of our vacay, we stumbled upon Windansea Beach in La Jolla – instant love. This is still my favorite place…in the U.S…so far.

My boyfriend and I spend so much time here just relaxing and catching up, watching the tide rise and fall. Neither of us have ever lived far from the coast and now it’s become a necessity. That salty fresh air brings me right back to summers on Cape Cod and reminds me of who I am again. While it’s comforting to know that my ocean will always be there, I love how it’s constantly changing, never to grow old.

It’s like watching Planet Earth live. Huge dinosaur pelicans. Playful seals. Jumping fish. Dolphin pods. Whale tails. Foamy waves crashing. Lazy sailboats. Surfers on the break, paddling out even after dark sometimes.

This place is more than just a beach to me. I live here and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

November 21, 2012


A few days ago, my friend Lindsey brought me to this sanctuary retreat on a cliff side above the Pacific Ocean, known as the Reflection Gardens in Encinitas, California. I can’t believe that I’ve lived in San Diego for 8 years, and had never even heard of this place! Peaceful and pristine. Absolutely breathtaking. The tropical landscape is perfectly designed with lively pops of color and the elaborate Koi ponds are kept slightly hidden.

These gardens are a perfect place for meditation or in my case, photography. The only guidelines are to follow the set path and remember to whisper.

If you ever find yourself in Southern California, I recommend spending a minute or two here. You’re welcome :)