August 29, 2012


My most recent semi-precious stone purchase…The neutral taupe and greige tones paired with a hint of coral and aqua say Fall 2012 to me. Can’t wait to see how they mingle!

August 26, 2012

audrey kawasaki


Audrey Kawasaki is definitely one of my favorite artists – her unique style is so powerful. Stunning, delicate, eerily true to life. I was first introduced to her work when I saw a few of her earlier paintings donning the walls of my friend Risa’s apartment in West LA. They were given to her as gifts when Audrey was a waitress at Risa’s Japanese restaurant a few years back.

I had never seen anything like it. She brings her viewers into a dreamworld of fluid and organic lines. Her muted color palette of earth tones and selective pastels, create these captivating and surreal girls. Instantly mesmerizing.

In 2007, I wanted to connect with Audrey so I interviewed her via email.

What or who inspires you?

James Dean. David Choe. Autumn Whitehurt. Jonathan Weiner. Michael Hussar. Brandi Milne. Sam Weber. Kyousuke Chine. Cheval Noir. Katsuya Terada. Yousuke Nakamura. Fuko Ueda. Trevor Brown. Meg Hunt. Julia Sonmi Heglund. Stella Im Hultberg. Myna Sonou. Lesley Reppeteaux.

How was your experience going to school on the east coast (Pratt Institute)? Did you like New York?

I did to some extent. But I was only there for 2 years, so I didn’t love it enough to stay longer. NY has a different art scene than the west coast. Here, they are much more supportive of young, up-and-coming artists, like myself.

When did you begin working with oil on wood?

I think it was some life painting class. I wanted to paint on something other than a blank white canvas. Found some pieces of scrap wood, and thought it would make an interesting surface.

How many paintings do you produce/sell in the course of a year?

Depends. But this last year perhaps about 50 or more maybe.

Do you have an alternative job, or are you making a living by selling your work?

Fortunately, I am now able to support myself with just my work. I am very very lucky.

What do you see yourself doing in the future? Different style or medium?

Work bigger. Bolder. Show internationally. Be able to continue making what I want to make. Stay genuine.

•   •   •

Now five years later, it looks like Audrey has been very successful in achieving her goals. I am so inspired by this distinctive artist and I’m always trying to keep up with her new work. I was lucky enough to attend one of her shows at Thinkspace Gallery in LA last fall.

Check her out!

August 6, 2012

santa barbara

I just got back from a weekend of camping on the beach in beautiful Santa Barbara. We were lucky enough to snag the most sought after campsite at El Capitan, rated #1 by Sunset Magazine. Our friends Sarah and Sean booked this place 6 months in advance! I had never been that far up the coast, but it was definitely worth the 4 hour drive. Just steps away from the ocean, we could hear the waves crashing all night while we bbq’d and lounged around the fire.

July 23, 2012

san francisco

I had the best time in San Francisco this past weekend, catching up with friends and all kinds of amazing food! Leaving straight from work last Friday, Ryan and I hopped on a 6:30pm flight and found ourselves on the 33rd floor of The Grand Hyatt just a few hours later. The hotel made a mistake with our reservations and we were upgraded to an awesome room, facing a beautiful view of the SF cityscape.

Although I love calling the beach bubble in San Diego home, this hilly metropolis was the perfect change of scenery for a mini vacay. I loved finding our way around the city, relying only on public transit. I’m not a big fan of driving, so it was nice to be carted around as the tourist for a change. Of course I had to go to The Golden Gate Bridge and order clam chowder in sourdough breadbowls at Fisherman’s Wharf. But the best was just people watching. To me, SF is the most east coast feeling city on the west coast, probably because of its history and architecture. Downtown, everything is a little more fast-paced and congested compared to San Diego’s laid-back beachy vibe.

July 9, 2012