november 9 playlist

Happy long weekend! Bryn’s bunk beds are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow and we just realized that Ryan has Monday off but Bryn will still have school, so we’re planning to get her big girl room all set up before we pick her up that day. I’m pretty sure that I’m more excited than she is… I’ve just been waiting for this day and can’t wait to decorate her new space.

Below is another random playlist for you, enjoy!

01  I Like It | Cardi B
02  In My Feelings | Drake
03  Four Out of Five | Arctic Monkeys
04  Sweet Emotion | The Kooks
05  Ghost | VHS Collection
06  Hey | Pixies
07  Whatever You Want | Sports
08  Los Ageless | St. Vincent, DJDS
09 Younger | The Hails
10  Carry The Zero | Built To Spill
11  Obvs | Jamie xx
12  Playing With Fire | Nick Leng

november personal style

It may be mid-November, but we’re just starting to feel the beginning of Fall in San Diego. I’ve been layering pieces to give myself options as temps change throughout the day, and most outfits start with this black cami as a base. These easy jammy-like flare-leg pants are perfect for both lounging around the house or running out with the babes. If I can get away with feeling this comfy in public, I’m doin’ it.

I wore this pop of color to a hotel photo shoot and happily surprised by how much a bright tee can affect my mood. I guess I should venture out of the neutral zone more often.

Oh and a lightweight denim jumper that I never thought I’d wear in a million years turns out to be one of the most comfortable things I own. I just bought a mini one for Baby Lily because I’m that mom now ;) She insisted on a making a cameo in this post.

An update on life with two bebes is in the works, so check back soon!

holiday mini sessions 2018

While at-home sessions are extremely intimate and memorable, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that we live in one of the most amazingly beautiful cities in the country. Sometimes we just have to take advantage of this 72* and sunny coastal dream, right? And as a mama myself, I 100% understand that sometimes your littles just need to run wild and free. So if breezy sunsets are truly your thing, let’s meet by the sea for some beach blanket cuddles this holiday season. 

From now until December 9, 2018, I’m booking a limited number of nature themed mini sessions. Here are the deets:

babes in the wild mini sessions $150

+ 30 minute session
+ 15 digital images with the option to purchase more
+ location of your choice: Windansea Beach in La Jolla, Cactus Garden in Balboa Park, Mission Trails in La Mesa, and of course, your home or backyard is always an option <3

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions as spaces tend to fill up quick this time of year – can’t wait to hear from you!


our living room

So far I’ve shown you all of our bedrooms, and today I just want to share a quick peek into our main living space. I have ideas for renovation down the road and have since swapped out some of the decor already, but here’s a general idea of what our living room looks like on a clean day ;)

console table  |  wall hooks

Back in February, we had the entire house painted white and I don’t regret it at all. The ceiling beams were originally a chocolate brown, which wasn’t bad but unless they were showing the natural wood, I knew I wanted to repaint them white. The walls were an antique white that really dragged the tone of the space down. It looked greenish, like Yoda green, and it too had to go. Since we’ve had Lily, all other major reno plans are on hold until further notice, but just for fun, my dream is to knock out that wall on the left, which would open up the main living area to our kitchen and dining area, as well as a view into the backyard from the front door. I love the open living concept and feel like our home lends itself to this layout. I’ve also seen my neighbor’s house (same exact layout) since she removed this dividing wall and it looks amazing!

coffee table  |  lamp  | shelf

Our couches have endured some serious wear and tear with a dog and now two kids. I’d love to give this space a refresh with newer furniture, but at the same time, I think it’s probably best to just drive these to the ground! I’d feel horrible if Bryn (or probably me) spilled something on a brand new sofa. This way we can all relax a little bit for a few more years. However, when we do update, I’m thinking a sectional would be nice here once that dividing wall is gone. To me, that would define the spaces and give our family a place to kick back all together. I’d also switch out the angular coffee table for a thicker, boho-ish round one like this.

View into our dining room and backyard.

Omg, I’ve struggled with this wall and ended up trying a gallery featuring neutral, abstract art. I like the idea of one large piece rather than a bunch of smaller pieces here, but I felt like it would compete or just look awkward behind the tv. Ideally we’d be a tv-free family but right now that’s just not realistic for us, we still indulge in a show here and there. Maybe someday we’ll upgrade to a frame tv, which would be the art itself when we’re not watching Netflix ;)

View from the back wall – I’ve been hunting for a new front door, something more modern with frosted glass panes to keep privacy, but let more light filter in. I also keep imagining skylights in the far end of the room, somewhere in the ceiling shown above. That way we’d get a little extra light without too much heat over the seating area.

A little World Market moment happening in this corner ;) If and when we revamp our kitchen, I’d love to expand the countertops and/or shelving out this way. Otherwise, I think a real credenza would work, at least something a little sturdier than this IKEA stand-in. We need more storage for our art supplies!

chair  |  lamp  |  artwork

We call this little entry space the “dance floor” because that’s exactly what Bryn’s made it and I’m not sure what else it really could be used for.


Obi can always be found in the sunniest spot of the room ;)

I plan to share progress photos here whenever we get around to making changes, so stay tuned and let me know if you have any ideas/suggestions for me. I go back and forth about this space a lot and would love to hear your thoughts!

bunk bed update inspiration

Since Bryn’s still a little peanut, we’ve had no issues with her sleeping in a crib. She’s never even tried to climb out so we haven’t pushed the big girl bed at all. But after a recent trip to IKEA, we decided that bunk beds may be a fun step up for her, now that she’s three and finally potty training. I also love the idea of the girls sharing a room someday, even if it’s just for a couple years.

Along with Bryn’s new bed, I have a few other room updates in mind. One of which is a super comfy bean bag chair under a dreamy, boho canopy. This little reading nook/chill area will be surrounded by other poufs and floor pillows by her window and bookshelf. The goal is to create a cozy space that encourages more lounging around with books rather than watching tv in the living room. She’s been getting sucked into Disney movies lately – we’ve been on a princess kick ever since Disneyland…

I’m still trying to keep the rest of her room pretty minimal and will most likely go through her closet and toys to clean out the things that no longer fit, work, interest her, etc. Then I can start styling. We’re thinking of making the switch sometime between now and the holidays. I’ll definitely be keeping you posted here and on IG. Can’t wait!


lamp  |  dresser  |  lantern  |  canopy  |  fringe pillow

pom pillow  |  pouf  |  bean bag chair  |  unicorn  |  bunk beds

bryn turns 3

Today you are three! We went to your preschool open house last night and I had to fight back the tears every time one of your teachers told me how much they love you. How sweet and kind you are to the other kids, how you’re so good about sharing and never leave anyone out, how you’re sensitive to others’ feelings and show concern if someone is upset or gets hurt. They told me how you always listen, say please and thank you, how you tell everyone about baby sister, how you love to make art <3

These are all things I knew about you, but to hear it from someone else, to know you are just as sweet when mama isn’t looking – THAT is what makes me so proud. You are already everything I could have ever hoped for and more. I love you, my beautiful girl, and the amazing little lady you’re quickly becoming. Now excuse me while I finish ugly crying into the funfetti cake I’m trying to bake ;)