at home facial


As I wait to meet my second little girl, self care has really become a priority. I know I’m up against many sleepless nights ahead so I’m taking advantage of all the resting time available to me now. Of course I love to treat myself to a pedicure or massage here and there, but taking care of my skin is a daily ritual that I stick to religiously. Here’s a quick rundown of my skincare routine with links to all my favorite products:

+  Before bed, I start with removing any eye makeup (if I actually got around to putting mascara on that day) with a homemade mixture of 2 tablespoons olive oil, 1 teaspoon liquid castile soap, and 1/4 cup filtered water. This little blend actually lasts me a while, but if I don’t have any on hand, I usually use makeup remover pads by Almay.

+  Then I move onto rinsing my face with luke warm water and working my favorite facial cleanser, Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Acne Cleanser Treatment, in an upward circular motion.

+  Then I rinse again, pat dry, and apply a very mild skin toner, Kiehl’s Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner – super refreshing.

+  Lastly, I go with lots of moisturizer, and surprise, surprise, it’s another Kiehl’s product (this is not a sponsored post, I’ve just been a loyal fan for the last 10ish years). My all-time favorite is their Ultra Facial Cream. I also love their Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment which I use at night, when running errands (and skip makeup), and just before a long flight.

+  Quick tip: Always moisturize your neck too! Sometimes we forget how delicate that skin is and that it needs just as much love as our faces.

+  My morning routine is basically the same as above, except I usually swap out the herbal cleanser for Alba’s Acnedote Face & Body Scrub. It feels so good to start the day with a little exfoliation.

I’ve stuck to this routine for so many years that there is NO WAY I could ever go to bed without washing my face now. The habit is just so ingrained. What does your nighttime regimen look like? Please send any personal product favorites and/or skincare secrets my way!

bryn’s room


Welcome to Bryn’s room! When we painted the walls and ceilings this crisp white, I was afraid her room would feel kinda cold with all her white modern furniture, but I actually love the way it turned out. It gives me the freedom to layer on texture with contrasting earth tones and playful pops of color to keep the space feeling alive and inviting.


We picked up these cute Ikea shelves last weekend. They were only $12 each and make this wall so much more functional than if I were to have just hung a new piece of art. And the tassels to the left were an etsy find – unfortunately the shop closed last year.


Yes, we’re still in diapers… I was hoping Bryn would be potty trained by the time baby sister arrived, but it doesn’t look like we’re going to make that deadline. Workin’ on it! The toy basket is from Target, rug is Homegoods, and giraffe is Pottery Barn Kids.


The LOVE sign is also from Homegoods. I’m not usually into word art like this, but I was drawn to the color and just couldn’t resist.


The beachy rattan lamp is from World Market, shoes are Baby Gap, and of course the Lamby sound machine was a gift when Bryn was born. It’s still very much a staple in our bedtime routine – we’re all about the ocean setting ;)


This chair is another favorite from Homegoods! The scale is too cute!!


I found this boho banana leaf fan-type thing at a vintage furniture shop called Loveseat – an amazing place to wander around if you’re ever searching for treasures in San Diego or LA.


I have a love/hate relationship with this glider. It’s extremely comfortable but I’m not really into the style as much. I picked it up when I was pregnant with Bryn, solely based on the way it felt. It does it’s job, but I’m definitely more excited about the new rocking chair in baby’s nursery – sharing photos in a couple days! The side table is a wire basket by Threshold for Target. The pineapple lamp, leather ottoman, and blackout curtains are also Target.


More Target…


We’re always adding and editing this space, so you can expect updates at @babeandbungalow_ I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we graduate to a big girl bed (and get rid of that changing pad)!

Bryn says thanks for stopping by ;)

chill mama : stacy fisher

The Chill Mama is an interview series featuring bold and beautiful mothers. Each month, I reach out to an amazing woman who loves her babies fiercely but also believes in the power of self care. I’m always interested in hearing her unique story and how she keeps her cool on a daily basis – because in all honesty, I need all the inspiration I can get ;)

BUT today, I thought I’d switch things up a little and answer my own questions. My world is about to be flipped upside down very soon so I wanted to take note of what life was like before becoming a mama of two.



Stacy Fisher, 34

Photographer, San Diego, CA

Mama to Bryn, 2.5 years old, Baby Girl due May 2018


What does a typical day look like for you?

Bryn is my alarm clock, waking me up somewhere between 7 and 8am. We start our day with breakfast (aka lots of indecisiveness and negotiating – B’s a very picky eater). This usually turns into some kind of dance party because sitting at the table is torture, obviously. After Ryan goes to work around 9am, Bryn and I head out for the morning. We love getting together with friends outdoors and usually stop at the playground, beach, or zoo to burn some of that toddler energy. And on Wednesdays, we go to gymnastics, which is basically just a very expensive hour of running around in circles. She loves it though.

I’m still hanging on to our little schedule mostly for my own sanity, so we try to get home by noon for lunch and nap. On a good day Bryn will sleep from 1-3pm. This is when I can unwind. I used to do things around the house, but lately I’ve just been relaxing and taking advantage of the quiet time alone.

Our afternoons are pretty much go with the flow, depending on the day and how long she naps. I try to get creative in the kitchen (but lately I’ve relied on the crockpot for dinner). We always take Obi for a walk around 5pm (I’ve been sticking with 2 miles a day!), and sometimes we’ll squeeze in a few errands if we have time.

Ryan gets home from work around 7pm. Luckily his schedule is changing very soon – these 10 hour days are just feeling way too long for everyone. We try to eat dinner together as soon as he walks in the door, then immediately move on to Bryn’s bath + bedtime routine. After brushing her teeth and reading like 50 books, we finally get her down for the night around 8:30ish (she’s really been pushing it lately…) At 35 weeks pregnant, this is usually when I want to crash too. I try to stay up with Ryan just to chat about our day, but I really can’t hang anymore – I’m asleep by 10pm.

What does a dream day look like for you? Think unlimited time and $$$.

Dream day begins waking up in a tropical place with my husband, drinking some amazing coffee on our private patio, no kids in sight ;) I’d go to a yoga class, then head to the beach for a swim, followed by a nap in some kind of hammock or cabana. From there, I’d hit up the spa for a massage, facial, and mani pedi. Dinner would be sushi, still just Ryan and I – we clearly need more date nights…

How do you chill?

The best way for me to unwind is a long hot bath, so cliché, but it really is my go-to at the end of the day. I shut the door (and the world out) and either read a book or just soak in epsom salts with a few candles going. But since my belly is a little ridiculous at this point, getting in and out of the bathtub can be tricky. Needless to say, I’m very much looking forward to soaking in silence post-baby.

What inspires you?

Breezy bungalows, midcentury modern design, natural light, menocore style, discovering new music, travel of any kind and people – especially my daughter and those who are self-taught and/or motivated enough to follow their passions.

Describe your labor + delivery experience in a nutshell (if that’s even possible).

In a nutshell: I was 10 days past due in the middle of a heatwave when my water broke. We made it to the hospital by 8am where I had contractions all morning but wasn’t dilating quickly enough to get the epidural I so badly wanted. My doctor finally broke down at 7pm and gave me that wonderful shot which let me relax and even sleep for a few hours. When I woke up around midnight, it was time to push, and 3 very long hours later, Bryn made her debut. For the more detailed version, please see Birth Story Part I.

Unfortunately she was rushed to the NICU before I could even see her due to meconium aspiration, but you can read more about that craziness here. Spoiler alert – it was one of the most difficult times of my life, but everything turned out ok.

What would you say to your pre-mama self?

Forget expectations and try to appreciate every moment for what it is, even the uncomfortable stuff.

Besides your lovies, what’s the one thing you couldn’t live without?

The ocean.

If you could hop on the next flight, where would you go? With or without the littles?

Well, I kind of have a list going and Hawaii, Bali, and Tokyo are all at the top. For the moment, I would prefer to travel sans kiddos, but would love to bring them along once they’re a little more independent.

What are you listening to these days?

Electric Guest, Toro y Moi, Portugal. The Man, Royal Blood, Jack White, and Warpaint just to name a few, but my playlists are always rotating here.

What is the last book you read?

The Girls by Emma Cline

And the last thing you ate?

In-N-Out. Baby was craving fries ;)

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl (when I’m not pregnant)

Coffee or tea?


Dogs or cats?

Dogs 100%

If you could leave us with one bit of #momlife advice, what would it be?

Since you probably know how I feel about self care by now, I guess that’s a given. So besides making guilt-free time for yourself, follow your instincts, mama! It’s so easy to get caught up in comparison or lost in parenting books and blogs, but I truly believe that we all know what we need to do in most cases. Just because motherhood is a new and sometimes scary experience, we know our bodies and babies more than we give ourselves credit for. Of course it’s normal to ask questions and seek advice from other moms who’ve been been there before, but what works for them or their kids may not be the answer for your little one. Just take suggestions, especially those unsolicited, with a grain of salt and practice going with your gut. You got this!


Not only am I lucky to have some very inspiring mama friends, but they’ve also been sweet enough to share their thoughts and wisdom with us. Check out the rest of my Chill Mama Series to feel the love.

Photos by Ryan Fisher <3

march 30 playlist


Here’s a happy weekend playlist, enjoy!

01  Genghis Khan | Miike Snow
02  Over and Over and Over | Jack White
03  The Man | The Killers
04  Nervous | Magic Bronson
05  2AM, Chinatown | Modern Howls
06  Can’t Rock My Dream Face | Umphrey’s McGee
07  Live in the Moment | Portugal. The Man
08  Control | Olympic Ayres
09  Cult Logic | Miike Snow
10  My Omen | Electric Guest
11  Hard to Say Goodbye | Washed Out
12  Whenever I | Wild Nothing

guest room


Here are a few shots of the baby’s soon-to-be nursery. It’s been our guest room since we moved in last summer and to be honest, I’ll miss having this quiet, minimal space for myself. I’ve been practicing gentle yoga since I found out I was pregnant and this has been the perfect hideout for me and my mat.

We’ve since moved the futon out to the garage, giving Ryan’s man cave a cozy little update. Baby girl’s crib now sits against the left-side wall and a there’s a vintage dresser/changing table to the right. For now, these sheer pom pom curtains will stay since baby will be sleeping in our room the first few months. I’m still adding finishing touches, but can’t wait to share photos once everything’s moved in and ready. More on the way! In the meantime, follow along @bungalito on Instagram :)

katie + declan

katie-declan-1 katie-declan-2 katie-declan-3 katie-declan-4 katie-declan-5 katie-declan-6 katie-declan-7 katie-declan-8 katie-declan-9 katie-declan-10 katie-declan-11 katie-declan-12 katie-declan-13 katie-declan-14

How sweet is this little boy just hanging with his mama? I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with Katie and Declan last time I was on the east coast visiting friends and family. These guys are actually both for me – I’ve known Katie my entire life. Our moms grew up together and have been bffs since they were 5 years old! So yeah, you can say we go way back.

It’s such a treat to be able to see Katie as a mama now, she is amazing. I so wish we lived closer so OUR babies could grow up together, too. But the distance apart makes these little chill sessions extra special as we always pick up right where we left off <3 Love and miss you, Katie!