February 24, 2017

in search of fresh faces

In Search of Fresh Faces

Whenever I sit down to write a blog post, I usually find myself going on and on about all the pretty things I love, hoping to spark your imagination or inspire you in some way.

But I’ve decided to shake things up with a celebration of YOU and all the other GIRL BOSSES who are out there KILLING IT every day. I’m in search of fresh faces to photograph and would love for you to be my muse!

Whether it be in your home or out in the wild, I want you to inspire me this time. These FREE portrait sessions will only be available March 1-31, so please don’t wait to contact me. You’ll get free photos, and I’ll get tons of new material to work with. Win win :)

So are ya with me? Let’s chat. Leave a comment below or forward this link to a friend. Can’t wait to hear from you!

P.S. Bebes are welcome at these sessions, however I’d really like to focus on highlighting the badass mamas in this case ;) Let me know if you have any questions!

February 22, 2017

north park bungalow

north park bungalow // front porch

Welcome to Brian and Janet‘s quintessential North Park bungalow. Lucky for us, they let me capture some of the adorable details that make their house a home. Only a few blocks from all the shops and restaurants on 30th Street, their cozy 2-bedroom is nestled in a quiet neighborhood known for its craftsman-style homes. I LOVE this area and always keep my eyes peeled for those “FOR SALE” signs ;)

north park bungalow // bar cartnorth park bungalow // cactus garden

Janet’s definitely got style and has no problem filling their space with the cutest decor, plants, and puppies! She’s within walking distance to one of my favorite stores, Pigment, so I’m sure she stocks up on all the latest must-have items regularly.

north park bungalow // boston terrier furbaby

This is Walt…

north park bungalow // home decornorth park bungalow // shelfienorth park bungalow // boston terrier furbabies

This is Walt with his big brother, Frank :)

north park bungalow // home decornorth park bungalow // home decornorth park bungalow // boston terrier furbaby

Frank is their first born, and one of Obi’s best friends.

north park bungalow // bar cartnorth park bungalow // front porchnorth park bungalow // plantsnorth park bungalow // gardennorth park bungalow // lavender gardennorth park bungalow // tomato gardennorth park bungalow // cactus garden

Brian and Janet’s home is always so warm and welcoming – they are the best hosts! After visiting, I’m usually inspired to start cooking and gardening… And house hunting!!

To book a home session, send me a quick message and we’ll come up with the perfect photo package for you and your breezy bungalow.

February 20, 2017

ignore the bitches

Ignore the Bitches // Growing Pains of Motherhood

Baby Bryn is 17 months old today. She’s walking, talking, eating all kinds of food (LOVES spicy stuff), and is quickly becoming the boss lady of our home. We die over her lovable personality and infectious laugh, but a part of me will always miss that teeny tiny squishy baby, who simply did not hang around long enough in my opinion.

Ignore the Bitches // Growing Pains of MotherhoodIgnore the Bitches // Growing Pains of Motherhood

As she grows, I imagine what life will look like from her perspective and I immediately go into panic mode. What if she trusts people too easily? Or what if she lets the mean girls get the best of her? I can’t help but worry about any harm that may come my baby’s way, but I also know that I can’t protect her from the world forever. It’s just been a difficult reality for me to swallow lately. Growing pains are no joke, mamas.

Ignore the Bitches // Growing Pains of Motherhood

But instead of crying over it, I’ve decided to be more mindful with the way I react to things in my own life. I need to set the best example for Bryn by teaching her kindness, respect, and patience. I hope to show her what healthy confidence looks like, how to fail with grace (and then get right back up again).

I want to encourage Bryn to be independent and help her understand that with passion and hard work, she literally can be anything she wants to be. I’ll remind her to always trust her gut and prove that her creativity is most beautiful when set free. She’ll also get a solid lesson on being impeccable with her word – nobody likes a flake. And last but definitely not least, Bryn WILL know to just ignore the bitches. Haters gonna hate.

Ignore the Bitches // Growing Pains of MotherhoodIgnore the Bitches // Growing Pains of Motherhood

Ahh, wish me luck as I cautiously step into this next phase of the unknown aka mamahood. xo

P.S. These photos were taken at the same playground just 5 months ago! Where did my baby go?!

February 17, 2017

obi’s chill spot

obi's chill spotobi's chill spotobi's chill spotobi's chill spotobi's chill spot

Obi spends like 90% of his life right here. Hopefully his lazy ways inspire you to relax and take a nap or two this weekend ;)

February 15, 2017

brian + Janet

baby bump mini session // brian + janet

When Brian and Janet booked a mini session with me in November, I couldn’t wait to work with them! There’s just something so special about photographing friends, especially when I’m able to capture such an exciting time in their lives. With a sweet baby boy on the way, these adorable soon-to-be parents wanted a holiday card/baby bump announcement to send out to family and friends, so we met at Balboa Park just as the sun was going down.

baby bump mini session // brian + janetbaby bump mini session // brian + janet

We were laughing and joking about how their worlds are about to change, and how it’s literally impossible to ever consider yourself truly “ready” to become a parent. But I know for a fact that these two are going to be amazing! Their son is so very lucky and already surrounded by so much love.

baby bump mini session // brian + janetbaby bump mini session // brian + janet

And the countdown is on! I just received a beautiful invitation to Janet’s baby shower and can’t wait to meet their little one in just a few short weeks! Congrats, you guys – get ready for the best ride of your life! xo


February 13, 2017

diy headboard + bedroom update


After I shared my home tour last November, I realized that our bedroom had really been neglected style-wise, our bed especially. I always went for simple, calm, white bedding but started craving a little more color and warmth. So I started with soft pink sheets (Threshold for Target) and a fresh new comforter (Calvin Klein at Homegoods), threw in a couple patterned pillows, but still felt incomplete.


Then I found this gorgeous mango wood lamp at World Market and paired it with a clean white canvas lampshade (also World Market). It brought this island, boho feel that inspired me to push further in adding more natural and textural details to the space.


Finally, I decided it was time for a grown up headboard. Although I’ve loved the idea of an alternative piece forever, like a tapestry or hanging rug, I felt like a solid headboard might bring my room together. So I began my search and was pretty sold on this bohemian design, UNTIL I came across the simplest DIY headboard option on Pinterest: plywood nailed to the wall. I knew it was something I (Ryan, actually lol) could do in a day, so off to Home Depot I went!


I picked out a pretty piece of quarter-inch thick birch plywood in the lumber section and had them cut it down to 6’x2.5′ (which they do for free), then sanded down the edges a bit with a standard sheet of sandpaper. Driving home was probably the trickiest part because the wood just barely fit in the back of our 4Runner, so keep transportation in mind if you consider trying this at home. Then using a level and stud finder, we screwed the plywood directly into the wall behind our bed with 1.5″ screws, nbd! I’m sure there are more accurate and secure ways to do this, I mean you can clearly see the screws, but that doesn’t bother me. I figure we can always make adjustments if needed.


The new headboard feels like a perfect balance of earthy and minimalist. I had originally chosen the wood based on the lighter, opposite side, but decided to flip it once I got home because I liked the darker woodgrain pattern against our gray walls so much. It’s just different for me and it’s kind of exciting just to switch things up around here! And bonus: my materials costs were less than $50.


Lastly, I tried layering a throw blanket at the end of the bed. At first I went with a colorful knit that I brought home from Thailand (shown above), but couldn’t make up my mind after I compared it to this white and silver Moroccan-inspired throw. It’s actually super soft velvet and so beautiful in person. But I am trying to move away from ALL white everything, so I’m torn. Which do you prefer? The cozy pink and navy Thai keepsake or the cool and shimmery Moroccan blanket? I’d love to hear what you think in the comments!!