September 20, 2016


My baby girl turns O N E today, but we celebrated with friends over the weekend – Bryn just couldn’t wait! There were funfetti cupcakes, glittery unicorns, the BEST donuts, and bubbles galore.

2-bryns-cake 3-bryns-bday-invitation

One of my favorite parts of planning a party is creating the invitation. It sets the tone for the event and I love making it 100% custom – way more personal this way. I always pick up my envelopes at Paper Source and make my own liners with their fine papers (using this template – totally worth it if you appreciate details). The liner above is actually a beautiful, soft rose gold but just looks darker in this pic.

4-kaiya-cupcake 5-lin-bryn-garland

In case you missed it, I shared a step-by-step on how to make this frilly pastel garland here.

5-rella-star 7-bryn-cake-star 8-bryns-first-birthday

Bryn was skeptical at first, but had no problem chowing down on her first birthday cake after getting a taste. Here’s the healthy-ish smash cake recipe I went with.


Bryn is so lucky to spend her first birthday with such loving friends and family. Our bff Risa knew how busy I was with hosting, so she grabbed my camera and took most of these photos for me. I couldn’t have been more happy when I went through my memory card late that night, happy tears flowing. Thank you for being photographer, Risa, and thanks to all who made it out! We love you guys to the moon and back and can’t wait to do it again next year! xo


Happy birthday, baby girl. This past year has been a blur, but a beautiful one for sure. Love you like crazy, bunny!!

P.S. Happy Anniversary to my love!


September 19, 2016

diy cloth garland

If you’re looking for easy DIY party decor, this garland is it. I’ve made them for weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties. With only a few materials, this project is painless and can be done pretty quickly, plus transporting them is nbd, they fold right up!

diy garland materials

Starting with the basics, you’ll need some kind of ribbon or thin rope, a pair of scissors, and any combo of cloth (I usually stick to cotton fabric quarters because they’re easy to tear and have similar lengths).

trimming cloth for diy garland

STEP 1: Grab a fabric square and make small cuts along the edge of one side, keeping in mind that this will be the width of your cloth garland strips (I keep them about an inch wide).

tearing cloth for a diy garland

STEP 2: Once you’ve made all your cuts, start tearing strips away from the main fabric square. If you go with cotton, the strips should end up pretty even. You could always trim your strips with scissors, but tearing saves tons of time.

mint cloth strips for diy garland

STEP 3: Now that you have a few strips ready to go, this would be a good time to decide if you want to do some kind of pattern with your garland or keep the color flow wild + organic (I always end up with a pattern because I’m so OCD, starting at the center and working my way out).

mint cloth for diy garland

STEP 4: With your main ribbon/rope pinned to a wall or doorway, tie a knot with one of your strips, like the sequence above (hope this makes sense!).

mint cloth diy garland knot

I like to keep the knots kinda loose so they’re easier to slide on the rope as I’m adding new colors. Once I’m happy with the overall look, I give each knot a final tug so they’re more secure.

diy cloth garland process

STEP 5: Repeat step 4 with the rest of your strips.

diy cloth garland process

STEP 6: Now, repeat steps 1-5 with as many colors and patterns as your little heart desires. I love that I can keep adding textures to areas that need finessing. The options are endless, so knock yourself out!

diy cloth garlanddiy cloth garland knotsdiy cloth garland

P.S. You may need to give your garland a little “haircut” at the end. Some of those loose threads can get out of control ;) Good luck and send me pics of your garlands! xo


September 12, 2016

palm springs wedding ceremony

Remember that Palm Springs pool party wedding I was telling you about? Well, here are a few glimpses into Yuko and Dan’s dreamy summer celebration. With 50 of their closest friends, endless food, and tropical colors streaming through the air, these two lovebirds tied the knot on August 20, 2016.

palm springs wedding ceremonypaper flower decor // palm springs wedding palm springs wedding

After a full day of hopping in and out of The Destination House‘s incredible pool, guests were invited to get cozy on the lawn with round blankets and boho floor pillows (handmade by the talented Yuko herself). The bride and groom went on to exchange the sweetest vows ever while laughs, tears, and little bebe guests ran wild ;)

palm springs wedding palm springs wedding palm springs wedding // happy couple

The invitation suggested we all wear something casual + breezy, but Yuko was obviously the star in that amazing Eliza J maxi dress! She was absolutely glowing. Oh and all the ladies made their own flower crowns at the DIY station Yuko put together the morning of her wedding. You know, because all brides are that fun, creative, and thoughtful, right?

palm springs wedding decorhappy couple // palm springs wedding

Yuko and Dan truly thought of everything. I wish I had documented more of their adorable details, but to be honest, I was having too much fun and forgot to take out my camera! At least I got this shot of the happy couple :) Cheers to you, babes! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness, we love you both so very much. xo


August 15, 2016

palm springs wedding // geronimo balloons floating by the pool

My girl is marrying the love of her life in Palm Springs this weekend and I cannot wait! It’s a two-day pool party, where casual and fun are the main themes. I’m helping her with some of the decor, so keep an eye out for a couple diy posts coming up! Here are the images that kept us inspired throughout the planning process.

palm springs wedding // orange and teal place settingpalm springs wedding // hanging flowers tropical decorpalm springs wedding // pineapple table setting
palm springs wedding // tropical wedding decorpalm springs wedding // crochet table clothpalm springs wedding // tassel photo booth backdroppalm springs wedding // hanging lantern decor

Bright and tropical, summery, boho modern, Palm Springs’ famous desert vibes. I don’t think you can go wrong here.

01  |  02  |  03  |  04  |  05  |  06  |  07  |  08  |  09


July 28, 2016

first birthday party inspiration

I can’t believe Baby Bryn will be ONE in less than 2 months. Nothing’s been planned yet, but brainstorming and dreaming, yes. If I can manage to pull off something even half as cute as the images above and below, I’ll be pretty happy.

unicorn-inspired first birthday

Here’s what I’m thinking, in no particular order: balboa park. picnic. white. gold. sparkles. tassels. pastels. rainbows. funfetti. fresh donuts. whimsical. pink lemonade. unicorns. geronimo balloons. ribbons. moroccan wedding blankets. fresh fruit. cucumber water. pink + white daisies.

pastel rainbow cookies for a first birthday celebrationfirst birthday inspirationfirst birthday party papergoodsfirst birthday party decorfunfetti cupcakes for a first birthday partyfirst birthday picnicfirst birthday parties need geronimo balloons

I think I’m just living vicariously, because this magical, unicorn-inspired picnic would have been an absolute dream for me when I was little. Too bad Bryn won’t remember a thing!

01  |  02  |  03  |  04  |  05  |  06  |  07  |  08  |  09



December 16, 2015

4-jasmine-fitzwilliam-42-jasmine-fitzwilliam-21-jasmine-fitzwilliam-13-jasmine-fitzwilliam-65-jasmine-fitzwilliam-3 6-jasmine-fitzwilliam-5

How gorgeous are these shots?! I had the pleasure of meeting San Diego-based wedding photographer Jasmine Fitzwilliam at a Collaborative Thread event last year. After we exchanged business cards, I checked out her portfolio and was blown away by her work. Jasmine’s style makes everything in life look so sweet, simple, and beautiful. I just wanted to give her a little shout out and share this talent with you today.

Be sure to visit more of her lovely photos at letsfrolictogether.com :)

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