November 4, 2016

zurich, switzerland

Even though we were exhausted after 3 weeks of backpacking through Europe, Ryan and I loved walking aimlessly around Switzerland for the last few days of our adventure abroad.

zurich, switzerlandzurich, switzerlanddetails in zurich, switzerlandcafe in zurich, switzerlandflying home from zurich, switzerland

We flew back to the states on September 20, which we had no idea at the time would become such a significant date for us in years to come. Hopefully, we’ll be adding a few more stamps to our passports soon! The wanderlust list just keeps growing…


November 3, 2016

cinque terre, italy

Ryan and I hopped around Europe, visiting 4 different countries, 9 cities total. Cinque Terre on the coast of Italy was definitely one of my favorite stops.

details in italyalley in rome, italy

But I also loved Rome…

rome, italyairbnb in florence, italy

And our cute little airbnb in Florence

grandma in cinque terre, italycinque terre, italy coastcinque terre balconyitalyrome, italyrome, italyvenice, italy

And Venice was of course magical in its own way. At this point our trip was winding down, and Switzerland would be our final destination. Check back tomorrow for a few snippets of Zurich!


November 2, 2016

barcelona, spain

In September 2013, Ryan and I set out for a 3-week trek through Europe, beginning in Spain. I had no expectations, I didn’t speak the language, and was nowhere near prepared for the jetlag. But I loved every minute and am so happy we brought along our cameras. Unfortunately, I can’t remember who took which photo, but I at least know for sure that the top one is Ryan’s.

airbnb in madrid, spain

Our airbnb in Madrid, where I slept through the entire first day :(

barcelona, spain

Lunch in Barcelona.

madrid, spain

Walking around Madrid at the crack of dawn before anything was open.

spain metrotrain station in spain

I loved the train station in Madrid! We spent a lot of time here planning the rest of our travels. Paris actually came next, but since I recently shared a few France pics, I’ve decided to fast-forward to Italy. Check back tomorrow for more!


November 1, 2016

pai, northern thailand

As I mentioned last week, I found these old travel photos stored away in an obsolete folder on my computer. Some are a bit grainy, others out of focus, but they brought back a flood of memories from my 6 months living in Southeast Asia. It’s hard to believe that my journey began 7 years ago in October of 2009. I’d love to go back someday with Ryan, maybe not so much with baby though ;) 18 hour flight with a toddler? No thank you!

thai grandma at a market in bangkok

Street market in Bangkok.

lily pad in thailanda monk and his iphone in bangkok, thailand

At Wat Phra Kaew.

bangkok, thailand apartment

My friend’s apartment in Bangkok.

raft tour guide in thailandrush hour in bangkokmorning commute in cambodia

Morning commute in Cambodia.

cambodia bicyclehanging out on the stoop in bangkok

I took so many photos from bus windows…bangkok city neighborhood viewlittle friends in thailandmekong delta river tour, vietnam

This last photo was from a tour down the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. If any more Asia pics pop up, I’ll be sure to share, but the rest of the week is dedicated to Europe. Check back tomorrow!


October 31, 2016

east coast pumpkin patch baby

When Bryn and I booked a last minute trip to Boston in October, my mom insisted we take baby to a pumpkin patch, because tradition… and these pics.

east coast foliageeast coast baby in pumpkin patch east coast / new england foliage

It’s been over 6 years since my last visit to the east coast during this time of year, so I couldn’t wait to see the trees. The colors weren’t as crazy as I remember, but it was still more than San Diego has to offer, so no complaining here ;)

east coast pumpkin patch in octobereast coast foliageeast coast pumpkin patch // baby turkey haybaby waving in an east coast pumpkin patch

Until next year, New England! xo


October 24, 2016

sunset cliffs staycation

Sometimes we need a staycation to recover from the vacation, so I’m taking an extra week for myself. A few more days to organize my life, ignore social media, and nap when baby naps. It’s been so wonderful.

Anyway, I just cleaned out my entire computer and discovered a ton of travel photos that I had forgotten about, so check back next week for new, never-before-seen pics, plus my North Park home tour, FINALLY :) See you in a few days!

In the meantime, check out some of my fave staycation tips and/or take a peek into my past vacays around the world

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