diy cloth garland

diy cloth garland

If you’re looking for easy DIY party decor, this garland is it. I’ve made them for weddings, baby showers, and birthday parties. With only a few materials, this project is painless and can be done pretty quickly, plus transporting them is nbd, they fold right up!

diy garland materials

Starting with the basics, you’ll need some kind of ribbon or thin rope, a pair of scissors, and any combo of cloth (I usually stick to cotton fabric quarters because they’re easy to tear and have similar lengths).

trimming cloth for diy garland

STEP 1: Grab a fabric square and make small cuts along the edge of one side, keeping in mind that this will be the width of your cloth garland strips (I keep them about an inch wide).

tearing cloth for a diy garland

STEP 2: Once you’ve made all your cuts, start tearing strips away from the main fabric square. If you go with cotton, the strips should end up pretty even. You could always trim your strips with scissors, but tearing saves tons of time.

mint cloth strips for diy garland

STEP 3: Now that you have a few strips ready to go, this would be a good time to decide if you want to do some kind of pattern with your garland or keep the color flow wild + organic (I always end up with a pattern because I’m so OCD, starting at the center and working my way out).

mint cloth for diy garland

STEP 4: With your main ribbon/rope pinned to a wall or doorway, tie a knot with one of your strips, like the sequence above (hope this makes sense!).

mint cloth diy garland knot

I like to keep the knots kinda loose so they’re easier to slide on the rope as I’m adding new colors. Once I’m happy with the overall look, I give each knot a final tug so they’re more secure.

diy cloth garland process

STEP 5: Repeat step 4 with the rest of your strips.

diy cloth garland process

STEP 6: Now, repeat steps 1-5 with as many colors and patterns as your little heart desires. I love that I can keep adding textures to areas that need finessing. The options are endless, so knock yourself out!

diy cloth garlanddiy cloth garland knotsdiy cloth garland

P.S. You may need to give your garland a little “haircut” at the end. Some of those loose threads can get out of control ;) Good luck and send me pics of your garlands! xo