holiday card outtakes 2015


We sent out a holiday card featuring the newest addition this year, obviously ;) I tried to get Obi in there with her, but that was a complete joke. Neither of them know how to sit still and smile for the camera – maybe we’ll get it together by next year… Here are a few outtakes from our little holiday shoot.

It was almost impossible to choose just one photo for the card – I love them all! Bryn‘s only about 3 months old now but she has a million different facial expressions. Luckily we’re getting mostly smiles these days, and I can tell her first laugh isn’t too far off. Can’t wait to hear those sweet baby giggles!

I think it’s pretty clear that she is now my favorite subject to photograph (sorry, Obi), so be prepared to see a lot more of her around here. I just have zero self-control when I’m around her with my camera. I’ll do my best to not flood my Instagram feed with back-to-back baby pics, but it’s really hard to hold back sometimes. Sorry in advance!