cozy cabin


Summer will always be my favorite season but I start craving cardigans and Moroccan Mint tea as soon as we set our clocks back (which I can’t believe is this weekend!). By the time San Diego temps drop below 70, cuddle season has officially begun.


Fall was so much more dramatic growing up on the east coast. I miss the blazing trees and the real fireplaces, camping in Vermont and visiting my grandparents in Maine. They lived in York Beach but sometimes we’d drive all the way to their log cabin in Deer Isle, which is literally the middle of nowhere. It was beyond boring as a kid but I think I’d like it now.

The first photo above inspired this collection of rustic comfort. But because I usually lean towards more modern interiors, I tried to stay true to the traditional cabin in my memory – simple, natural, timeless. Strong wood beams overhead, cozy down comforters below.

I’d happily waste a few hours here any day, wouldn’t you?

lounge | fireplace | bathroom | kitchen | bedroom