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natural hair color

Earlier this year, I was contemplating whether or not to go platinum blonde or just stick with the ombre highlights I’ve maintained these last few years. I felt ready for a change, looking for something fun and maybe a little shocking. I was bored, but ultimately couldn’t commit to all that peroxide again. Fast forward 6 months and I’ve decided to do the exact opposite – my goal now is to grow out ALL of my color-treated hair. Yes, it will be a bit of a challenge but I am so up for it.

I’m curious to know what my natural hair color really is… Is it darker than I imagine? Is it dull? Mousy? Reddish? And what about its true texture? Color treatments always gave my fine hair a little boost in volume, so I chose that over healthy shine and bounce every time. I’d justify it all by doing my best to keep the split ends trimmed, or at least tamed.

But now that I’m more interested in natural beauty treatments and have been experimenting with organic homemade recipes, it just seems more fitting to skip the expensive / damaging hair processes, at least for a little while. I imagine naked tresses would benefit the most from an avocado oil treatment, for example, and I’d notice a difference right away.

So just like my makeup strike, I’m giving my hair some breathing room, too. Going full hippie on ya! It’s been close to 4 months since my last coloring, and my roots are starting to take over. Hopefully I’ll be strong enough to keep going and share some of my journey here. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, here are a few ways I’m nursing my mane back to health:

+ shampoo only 2-3 times a week

+ only shampoo the roots + only condition the ends

+ fully soak hair with water before shampooing + wring out before conditioning

+ rinse with cold water for the last 10 seconds of my shower to close hair cuticle

+ avoid breakage by not wrapping wet hair in a towel (this has been the hardest habit to break!)

+ don’t even comb hair when it’s wet, just let it air dry completely 

+ if necessary, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle

+ when combing, start with the ends and work my way up – tangles will have nowhere to go

+ mainly wear hair down, but use a clip if I must put it up

+ or even better, a scrunchie (!!!) if I’m just lounging around at home

+ if an elastic is my only option, I mix things up and wear my ponytail higher/lower to avoid putting stress on the same section every time

+ wear hair in a braid when swimming to avoid tangles

+ sleep on a silk pillow (currently shopping for the perfect one)

I doubt any of these little tips are groundbreaking, but I just wanted to share what works for my fine and super straight strands. If you have any haircare secrets of your own, please send them my way!

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