February 8, 2017



As much as I’d like to say that aromatherapy is a game changer in the best way, I first have to admit that it could also very easily ruin my day, week, or life. My sense of smell seems to have become more sensitive since being pregnant with Bryn. I understand that this new aversion may very well all be in my head, but nonetheless, I can only handle a select few scents without feeling dizzy and/or nauseous.

I haven’t worn perfume in years (sticking to essential oils these days), I can’t stand fragrant body lotion or scented laundry detergent, and I despise dryer sheets! Basically anything that tries to mask bad smells are also gross to me (i.e. scented trash bags and floral air fresheners, etc.)

But with something subtle and balanced like a candle with a hint of lavender, I’m good. Other relaxing favorites include spruce, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, and bergamot. And for a pick-me-up, I go with lemongrass or grapefruit. My mom gave me a diffuser for Christmas and I looove it – not overwhelming at all and super easy to use. If I’m winding down for the night, I’ll add a couple drops of essential oil, turn off my phone, and take a few deep breaths. I can’t say that I practice meditation regularly, but it is a goal I’m working towards.

If you have any other mind-clearing secrets, please send them my way – a new mama can never have too much chill time to look forward to ;)

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