dress for yourself

I feel like we often get mixed up with the idea of style as being something that changes the way others perceive us, a way to make a statement, first impression, etc. This can be true for some, but style to me means wearing things that make ME feel good. Textures, colors, materials, and overall fit all affect my mood so differently. When I’m trying on clothes in a fitting room, I’ll either get an instant surge, of yes, this is me or a hard no. I actually give very little thought to whether or not someone else will like it. In my experience, I’ve found that when I feel better, I usually look better too, regardless of what I’m wearing. It’s that little boost of confidence that allows you to pull off just about anything.

P.S. When (if) I ever get around to my dream of making my own linen loungewear, this will definitely be a key inspiration piece.